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Business & marketing mentoring in Dublin

Are you ready to light a fire under your business? I have matches.

Become better at marketing your products and services. Understand what is working and what isn’t in your business. Develop a real plan for growth. No death by powerpoint, no secret formulas, no ten-step programmes. Just clarity, passion, and results.

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marketing and business mentor Scarlet Merrill

I will give you honest feedback. Challenge your assumptions. Ask tough questions.

If you are ready to effect real change in your business, I can give you the insights and knowledge to start growing in a sustainable way.

Scarlet Merrill

Mentoring that works with your strengths to achieve business goals.

I believe that context is everything. Creating a successful marketing strategy is about finding the right approach for your business, your market, and your sector. Instead of wading through millions of advice blogs looking for nuggets of wisdom, working with me will get you straight to what matters.

I typically see two problems in the businesses I work with: they are either blindly throwing marketing tactics at the wall and hoping some will stick, or they are substantially underinvesting in their marketing. Unfortunately, these both lead to the conclusion that “marketing doesn’t work”. But that simply isn’t true.

Word of mouth will only get you so far. If you don’t target future business, your revenues will plateau. Did you know that 20% of businesses fail within the first year and 50% will fail within five years? Only 4% of businesses ever make it to a €1 million turnover. Success is not guaranteed. You need a strategy!

There are all kinds of other activities in the business that either feed into marketing or depend on it, and these often need to be looked at as well. It often starts with setting some ambitious goals for the business and learning to measure what matters so you can track your progress.

Small business owners can feel isolated and don’t always have a sounding board to bounce ideas off or brainstorm with. If you don’t come from a business background, you may want to look at whether or not you’re using the right business model, tackling issues in the right order, or implementing the right processes and systems.

I put my obsessive nerdiness to work and help you establish processes for the business that will improve both efficiency and efficacy. The ultimate aim, of course, is for the business to make more money. Together, we will develop a plan to achieve this and then roll that out across the business.

a life ring in a swimming pool reinforces the statements that business owners may relate to

Am I the right mentor for you?

Take a look at the statements below:

  • I feel like I work too hard for too little reward
  • I think I’m getting results but I’m actually not sure if they’re any good
  • I take on work I don’t want just to keep the lights on
  • I think there might be huge opportunities I’m missing out on
  • My employees make more money than I do
  • I struggle to get more reach in my markets
  • I feel like I have to leave my personality at home when I come to work
  • I struggle with my role as owner-manager
  • I want my business to do good, but I don’t know where to start
  • I feel busy all the time but still unproductive
  • I struggle to grow or make a profit

If one or more of these statements resonates with you, we may work well together.

What to expect when we work together.

Scarlet by name and personality, I am not to everyone’s taste. You can expect:

  • Radical honesty
  • Passion
  • Blue sky thinking
  • An eye for detail

I vet potential clients carefully and will need to believe that you:

  • Are ready for change
  • Have time available
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Believe in yourself

Together, we will rediscover your purpose, transform your business, and get you back to loving what you do.

a grid of three female business owners and three male business owners I have mentored, coached, consulted with in the past or on an ongoing basis

Happy clients.

Should you need them, references from business owners I have worked with will be sent to you after our first consultation.